The most often asked question I get when providing consultative services for entrepreneurs is “What is the best way to sell my product or service?”

There is one part of my answer that always remains consistent, no matter what type of product or service is being offered:

“Sell with a Sales Funnel instead of a Shop!”

But what does that mean exactly?

Use One Step Instead Of Four

In a traditional WooCommerce “shop”, a prospective buyer is presented with a grid of products from which they may select a single product.

At that point they are taken to the single product page, where they can choose variations (if any) and quantity, before adding the product to their cart.

Then they are required to move themselves to the cart to review the order, before deciding to “finally” being taken to the checkout page, where they are ultimately able to complete the transaction.

That is four steps, four separate pages, and four opportunities for the buyer to become lost or disinterested.

Compare Shop Steps To Sales Funnel

Compare that with a custom Sales Funnel Experience.

A prospective buyer is reading a compelling sales page or even the copy of a blog post and is presented with a “buy now” button or link that immediately takes them to the checkout page, where the products they want to purchase are presented in a custom-designed checkout layout, ready to buy, along with any relevant offers such as order-bumps, upsells, special discounts, donation options and more.

With the Auto Click Checkout feature of LaunchFlows, they can even complete the checkout without any further intervention!

One step, one page, complete focus on the product they have already confirmed an interest in purchasing.

Make It Easy For Your Buyers To Say “Yes”

Human psychology has proven that people have a very limited attention-span and are motivated by forces such as impulse, where we “want what we want, when we want it.”

As such, it’s critical for you to provide the most direct path possible from offer to checkout.

The additional benefit one brings to this method is the ability to bundle additional offers that either increase the total sale value or rescue a potentially lost sale by providing an alternative product or service instead of the original.

Automate The Sales Funnel Process

By using the power of Marketing Automation during this Sales Funnel, it is likewise possible to measure and track all of the prospective buyers’ behavior and choices in a way that improves and filters what you present to them in the future.

This creates a virtuous circle where your Sales Funnels actually improve over time because buyers help to self-identify which things they want to see the next time they return to your site.

Using WPFusion, your Sales Funnel is able to reflect these specific items as well as measure how well the buyer responds to the updated offers on subsequent visits!