What Is LaunchFlows?

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The following guide covers basic and advanced features of the LaunchFlows plugin.

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What is LaunchFlows?

LaunchFlows is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create powerful Sales Funnel features with WooCommerce.

No longer are you limited to a “shop” grid with individual sales pages, cart, and single checkout.

Instead, you can provide a custom user journey through your products or services in a manner that increases conversions and buyer satisfaction.

Best of all, no coding or design skills are required.

You only need to create a product, a checkout and a thank you page to get started!

How It Works

LaunchFlows provides a fast and lightweight set of accessories to WooCommerce that amplify and improve the behavior of product, checkout and thank you pages, while enabling you full control (if you wish) to fully customize the layouts of all components you wish to display for your sales funnel ideas.

How LaunchFlows Layouts Work

The Five Primary Features of LaunchFlows

LaunchFlows amplifies the capability of WooCommerce so you can easily do things that are not otherwise possible.

1) Instant Registration – Makes it fast and easy to obtain the Name and Email from every new visitor.

2) Bumps & Variations – Offer any combination of products before or at the point of checkout.

3) Upsells & Downsells – Offer any combination of products after checkout, to increase revenue per customer.

4) Donations & Pay Now – Makes it easy for donors or clients to pay you an exact amount with just one click.

5) Thank You & Next Step – Provides your buyers with a customized experience after their checkout is over.