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You have an idea for launching Sales Funnels using WooCommerce, but realize very quickly there are a LOT of moving parts to connect…and some of the important pieces are missing!

Yet you just don’t have the experience or technical skill to figure it all out yourself or create what you need with complicated code.

LaunchFlows provides the solution you need to succeed!

We Make It Easy To Succeed...

LaunchFlows Plugin & Recipes

All of the “high end” sales funnel features you want, with the easy to follow recipes you need…no coding required!

Simply find the feature you want to implement for your Sales Funnel and enable it from the LaunchFlows plugin. Then follow the step by step recipes that deliver incredible results!

Strategy & Training Videos

Spence shares all of the proven strategies that have helped our clients to succeed across a variety of online businesses!

With more than 13 years of providing fun & engaging video content, Spence makes it EASY for anyone to execute the latest and most profitable Sales Funnel strategies…no prior experience required.


With your favorite Page Builder (ie: Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder), you can now create an unlimited number of gorgeous CartFlows Step layouts for your Sales Funnels! No longer are you limited to using what is available inside the default “skins” or having to learn complicated CSS, jQuery, PHP. Instead, you can use all of the easy controls and fancy capabilities that are otherwise available to posts and pages in WordPress… but now for all of your CartFlows Steps. We provide: – Billing – Shipping – Product(s) In Order – Additional Fields – Coupon – Order Review – Payment – Order Bump – Order Total – Upsell (Multi Products) – Upsell (Automatic Complete)

If you use Elementor, you have the added bonus of a native Widget that you can use to choose and position any of the available checkout or product component inside of any CartFlows step layout. No need to type out shortcodes or guess, as your components will show up in the preview window as you design!

Instead of creating custom layouts for each and every products, you can now create just ONE layout for your global landing, checkout and thankyou. Then you can simply direct ANY of your WooCommerce products to those steps and they will “automagically” appear as the featured product for sale, along with an optional custom redirect url on the thank you page for directing buyers to the course, product or feature they just purchased.

Don’t spend HOURS creating duplicate checkout flows when you can have UNLIMITED flows created from the same details you already have entered into the products created in WooCommerce!

In addition to provide each component of the checkout process for use with your page builder, we’ve also provided drag and drop “Featured Product” components so that you can make any checkout step AMAZING.

Use this on top of any custom flow, or in a Dynamic Global Checkout Flow to feature the first product (hopefully “only” product…if you use our advice and limit each checkout to one!) anywhere on the page in the style and format you desire.

We provide:
– Product Image
– Product Title
– Product Quantity
– Product Price
– Product Regular Price
– Product Sale Price
– Redirect After Order

LaunchFlows makes it one-click simple to create GORGEOUS and STREAMLINED LeadMagnets from ANY product, with all the unnecessary fields and “fluff” removed. These LeadMagnets take the place of having to use any third-party form plugins, CRM intake forms, or custom html. They also allow you to immediately register and log-in any prospect to your WordPress Site. This accomplishes several important goals: 1) You immediately provide a personalized journey to everyone 2) You can easily provide membership protected content 3) You have HIGHER conversions, by eliminating extra steps 4) You can immediately trigger your Marketing Automation 5) You can offer unlimited upsells to paid products/services …and much much more!

Have you strugged with figuring out how to allow visitors to send you a random amount of money via your normal checkout flow? Those struggles are over! Now, you simply create a FREE “Donation” product (call it what you want) in WooCommerce. Then, you simply create links, buttons or directly add the syntax of “donation=xxxx” to the end of this product checkout flow, and voila’… it adds the donation amount on top of the original product price (ie: use a free product and it’s all donation!). For example:   /add-to-cart=1234&donation=150 This would add $150 on to the price of any product you are adding to cart… with no further steps required! Use this feature for donations, receiving payments from clients, dynamic global checkout flows, or whatever clever ideas you can conceive!

In addition to being able to create your own custom layout for any Thank You step, this clever feature allows you to enable a global “Next Step” redirection link that will appear below any of your order details in a Thank You step. This is handy even with custom CartFlows, but really shines when used along with our Dynamic Global Checkout Flows capability. Imagine creating a dozen courses for sale on your site, all of which require fundamentally the same Sales Funnel layouts. NOW, instead of having to customize each individual Thank You step so that buyers know where to go next….just use the url you saved when you created the original product used for selling access to any course. Boom!…it’s that easy 😉

Very often you have already taken a prospective buyer’s first name, last name and email through a plugin such as Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, or even your page builder such as Elementor, Divi or Beaver Builder. Since you already have the field data for a new prospect, WHY make them fill out your checkout form a second time with the same info? With this feature, the fields are automatically filled-in and ready for checkout. This increases customer satisfaction, conversion and overall user experience. *Note: if someone has already previously checkout out with WooCommerce and is still logged-in, their previous user info will already be filled-in by WC. This feature covers those situations where someone is not registered and/or logged-in (ie: new prospects) Simply enable the feature, then setup your form plugin (or manual link) to add the following parameters to your checkout step url: (email, fname, lname) eg:

With LaunchFlows, you have 100% control TODAY over any visitor’s personal journey through your Sales Funnel. We accomplish this through a tight integration with WPFusion, the leading plugin for powerful marketing automation using WordPress and your favorite CRM. Using your favorite integrated CRM (such as ZBS or Groundhogg) or 3rd party SaaS CRM (Active Campaign, Drip, Ontraport, Mailchimp, etc.), you can measure and track nearly every single user interaction with your Sales Funnel and marketing emails. Imagine how powerful your online Sales Funnel will be when you can offer a unique product or upsell or bundled offer to SPECIFIC people at a SPECIFIC moment, based on the tags and custom field data you’ve acquired through their actual behavior. WPFusion is one of the most trusted and beloved plugins in the WordPress space today, and we work directly with the author Jack Arturo to ensure that you have the most incredible PERSONAL SUPPORT and features for success.

This is one of the simplest, yet MOST powerful ways to ensure HIGH CONVERSIONS and optimal Sales Funnels.

Instead of allowing prospects to clutter up their “cart” with multiple purchases, a smart business ower will make every purchase SUPER FAST but also SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to follow the steps of a sales funnel.

This means that you only allow someone ONE PRODUCT at a time in each step…and disable their capability to randomly add (or retain) junk from prior visits or steps.

If you enable only ONE feature of LaunchFlows, it should be this!

With a click of one box, you can now selectively hide any free purchases from the “My Account” area of your WooCommerce site.

This makes it super simple for you to offer unlimited numbers of free LeadMagnets, without distracting your buyers or yourself when managing your site.

You can also use our built-in filter to hide all free products from your admin view of all Orders, so you can more efficiently manage your site while using the power of LeadMagnets to onboard new users.

Why bother people with sending a reciept for a FREE checkout (ie: a LeadMagnet)?

All you want to do is register and log them in, or if they are already users, to give them access to something for free…no payment required.

Click to enable this feature, and now you can not only hide the orders from the buyers, but also will disable any emails from being sent to bother them about the same.

Out of the box, WooCommerce adds an annoying “Added To Cart” and “View Cart” button to every checkout step. With one click, you can hide this forever…avoiding the problem of distracting your prospects to go away from your Sales Funnel flow. Likewise, you can prevent the problem of having visitors travel from your checkout, thank you pages or emails back to the single-product pages you used to create your CartFlows products…but don’t want anyone to use (because you have custom Landing Pages instead).

Whether you use a free product as a LeadMagnet, or want to collect additional information by giving out products only to certain users for free, this feature allows you to change the default “Place Order” on all FREE ($0 price) cartflows checkout steps. This is a super-convenient way to convey to the visitor that they are merely “acquiring” any of these products and not “ordering” them with a payment.

With this handy feature, you can create your own custom checkout step & layout with as many products as you like…and then direct someone to this step after the primary checkout… BAM! … Super charged capability 😉

What if you wanted to offer buyers a choice between more than ONE upsell following the original checkout…but you didn’t want to force them to go through the extra steps of having to choose between “yes/no” for each upsell?

With this “pro” feature, you can now create ONE upsell page, with a universal “no thanks” button, but then whenever you direct anyone to ANY of the upsell optional checkouts, they will “automagically” hide the process and then complete … with no further intervention required.

Along with the Upsell Multi capability of LaunchFlows, you now have incredible new options for executing sales funnels that are not limited to just “one” type or design or product!

This super-convenient meta box generates a “one click” direct to CHECKOUT link (bypassing the standard cart), so you can then use this url for any layout you desire, or as part of a “Name Your Price” or “Donation” product.

Never again will you have to remember how to formulate the required syntax or remember the id of the product, just click the button then paste it into your favorite page builder, email, advertisement image or more!

Often times you will want to offer a way to send folks into your Sales Funnel directly from within a Course Description Page, a Lesson, or any other normal Post/Page on WordPress.

Now, wth our “Quick Buy” component, you can do just that!

Using your favorite page builder, simply add an attractive button, link or (better) form to take the user’s first/last names and email (if they aren’t already logged-in) and you can deliver them immediately to the checkout with one click. Easy and super effective for high-conversions.

We believe that no one should “reinvent the wheel”, especially in the amazing world of WordPress. As such, we’ve decided to tightly integrate with several powerful plugins that are the definitive LEADERS in their respective space. For Affiliate Relationships, there is none better than AffiliateWP. With Affiliate WP, you have literally no limits on what you can setup today to offer payouts for referral signups or transaction, including upsells and bumps!

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One easy payment of just $197 provides you with a full year of UNLIMITED plugin use, updates, and access our entire LaunchFlows video library for yourself or your clients.

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Who We Are

I’m Spencer Forman, a WPFusion certified consultant, and I’ve been building successful businesses since the days of rotary dial phones with a pad of paper and pen.

But for the last decade, I’ve been a leading expert in WordPress, Marketing Automation, E-Commerce, Membership and more. My unique skills and perspective provide a distinct advantage.

After helping thousands of online businesses to succeed online, my team and I have condensed our expertise into the LaunchFlows plugin and training video library.

We Make It Easy & Risk-Free

We believe that most people are fundamentally capable and honest.

Having grown online membership businesses with more than 20,000 paying subscribers in the past, we’ve found that things work best when we make it easy and risk free for our valued members.

So rather than making things difficult with layers of protection and licensing, we prefer to just trust everyone to do the right thing.

We invite you to try LaunchFlows for just $197 and use it as much as you like, for as long as it’s delivering you great value. If you feel it’s not, just let us know and we’ll take steps to put a smile on your face 😉

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