Thank You & Next Step

What are Thank You & Next Step?

These components increase buyer satisfaction following any checkout. They provide information about what was just purchased as well as guidance on where to obtain the purchased content, goods or services


When to use

Use on any page or post, a LaunchFlows checkout template is not required.
You may also daisy-chain multiple components together to create powerful sales funnels with conditional outcomes based on what was just purchased.

For example:
Checkout Upsell Offer (Course) Thank You + Next Step Link Course Start Page

Why to use

  1. To display a personalized message following any purchase
  2. To show the details of the buyer’s last order
  3. To dynamically link to the product(s) that were just purchased

Setup: Thank You

  1. Select a new or existing page or post. You do not need to select the LaunchFlows template.
  2. Using Elementor, add the LaunchFlows Thank You Widget, otherwise use the shortcode.
  3. Select the widget display and style options such as details, divider, image, item, price, order total

Setup: Next Step

  1. Choose a destination page/post for the “Select Next Step Link” option within the Product data setup area for any product offered for sale.
  2. Copy the [lf-next-step-link] shortcode
  3. Create a button or clickable element in your Thank You Page, then choose the Dynamic link / Site / Shortcode option and paste the shortcut.
  4. Next Step Link


Thank You Component


Next Step Link


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