Instant Registration

What Is Instant Registration?

This is a fully formatted checkout experience that displays only the minimum fields required to onboard a new user. First Name, Last Name, Email.

When To Use

Whenever you need to register and log someone in as a user following a FREE transaction, such as with a sample course or free consultation.

Typically this happens after someone has already been on your mailing list for some time and is now ready to sample your products or services.

What It Does

Three important goals:

  1. Creates a new User
  2. Logs-in this new User
  3. Optionally: Tracks this new User with Marketing Automation

How To Setup

  1. Create a Simple Product that is “Virtual” and “Downloadable”
  2. Set the price to $0 (*Important!)
  3. Select any checkout page from the dropdown
  4. Check “Instant Registration” and “Solo Checkout”

Instant Registration Checkbox

Where To Use

Add to any checkout with the LF-Direct Checkout Link or with the “Always In Checkout” component / shortcode.

  1. LF-Direct Checkout Link – Copy the url from your Instant Registration product and use it within any button or clickable link.
  2. Always In Checkout Component / Shortcode – Add the Instant Registration product ID to the component or shortcode and add to any 0checkout.

Hide Free Orders & Emails

In most cases you will not want new users to view Instant Registration “orders” in their My-Account area, nor would you want them to receive emails confirming such “orders.”

Likewise, as the administrator, you do not want to litter your order archive with free registrations.

We recommend that you hide both of these, and provide an optional dropdown to view free orders, by checking the highlighted boxes when you visit the main LaunchFlows tab of the admin dashboard:

As the admin, this is what you will then see in the main orders archive (drop down filter):

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