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Hi there!

If you want to have an order bump “Order Bump / $100”, you now create a product and call it “Order Bump” and choose your pricing $100.

You pick a specific checkout under “Select Post Checkout Page”.

But what if I have multiple checkout pages where I would want to use the same order bump. Now I have to duplicate the order bump for each checkout page where I want it to use.

Of course I can show the Order Bump on each Checkout page now, but when clicking the checkbox it will redirect me to the set checkoutpage for that Order Bump… or to the default checkout page – when leaving the “Select Post Checkout Page” empty.

After clicking the bump I would like the checkout page – where I clicked the Order Bump checkbox – to be loaded / shown.

Perhaps it would be good when NO “Select Post Checkout Page” was set for the order bump, the user goes back to the checkout where the bump was clicked instead of the default checkout.

Other solution could possibly be to set it in the shortcode, something like “return to previous page= yes”



  1. In all of the SalesFunnel for WooCommerce plugins (the framework plugins like CF, WF, WPF, etc.) one is required to “program” the checkout (step) associated with the product.

    In LaunchFlows you can achieve that goal you want by way of a generic (global) checkout that can be used for a variety of products and order bumps. That way you can program anything to show up conditionally as an offer, but they are all just set to use the global checkout page.

    ie: See my blog posts about the ConditionalBlocks way to know when to show an order bump based on what other product is in the cart.

    IF the product in the CART is “xyz” product (set to use the global checkout page) then you can conditionally and automatically show the matching order bump product (also set to use the global checkout page)

    Doing it this way means you use the global checkout for ALL products OTHER THAN those you want to be specifically associated to a specific “flow” and checkout page. Easy.

  2. Yeah, I understood and understand that, but I got the feeling I might not have explained well enough and perhaps you don´t understand what I mean.

    So, let me try again 😉

    Let´s say I have Bump offer 1, 2, 3 and Checkouts A,B,C. (ps. the checkouts could be product pages with the checkout feature enabled).

    Now I would like to have:
    1) Bump Offer 1 shown on Checkout A & C
    2) Bump Offer 2 shown on Checkout B & C
    3) Bump Offer 3 shown on Checkout A, B & C

    AND when choosing / selecting / checking the checkbox for the bump offer, I want the visitor to stay on / return to the actual page where the were checking out AND don´t want to be redirected to the homepage, the standard checkout or the checkout set in the Bump Offer Product.

    When I set a Bump Product and leave the field “Select Next Step Page” empty, the user clicking the upsell will go to the default checkout.
    As far as I can see the default checkout can not really help here, at least I wouldn´t be able to achieve all of the above (1, 2, 3). Also the suggested plugins > conditional order bumps are not the solution to this issue I think.

    It would mean that I would have to create multiple Bump Offers 1, multiple Bump Offers 2 and multiple Bump Offers 3.
    Each of them pointing to the Checkout I want them to return to when the user select the specific Bump Offer.

    If you are on a page (page, post, product) WITH the checkout option enabled, WHY not use that as the default returning point for the order bumps on that specific page, when the field “Select Next Step Page” is empty.
    That way it would be possible to create only ONE “Bump Offer 1”, ONE “Bump Offer 2” and only ONE “Bump Offer 3” AND use them on multiple checkout pages (page, post, product pages where the checkout option is activated) AND have customers RETURN to the page they are on when selecting the Order Bump. I think that would be WAY more EASY than having to create xxx of the same Bump Offer Products and setting the “Select Next Step Page” for each one of them.

    IF I am not seeing the obvious here, sorry… Otherwise I look forward to your view on this.

    1. Ah…I see now what you mean.
      I’ll have to look into whether perhaps transients or some other method can track the last place someone was before adding product to the cart…so that they return to the page/post where bump was used.

      Good idea!

  3. I did a video recently where I showed how one can return to the last place there were before adding a product to the cart. For the larger picture, of being able to set “per product” the return point, I’m contemplating a different strategy, because the default WC transients and login possibilities do not easily allow for conditional behavior in that regard without an entire framework to manage the options.

    See this video:

    and also see this one for the built-in “return to checkout” feature that we have in the core of LaunchFlows

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