Kasper Paulusma

LaunchFlows – Affiliate Programm

maybe it would be a good idea for LaunchFlows to have an affiliate program, so LaunchFlowers would be encouraged to help the LF community grow.


Some things are hard-coded in english. This makes it a bit hard to use it in another language ;). E.G. – Quantity: – Price: – Regular Price: – Sale Price:

[lf-product-regular-price] – amount only

When using the shortcodes eg. or , the amounts come with (english) text. eg. – Regular Price €1.000,- – Sale Price €750,- It would be great if there would be an option to get rid of the text “Regular Price” and “Sale Price”… so only the price would be shown.

Solo for Grouped products

So lets say you want to have an upsell. But the upsell consists out of multiple products. This grouped upsell product should than only live alone in the checkout/cart. So everything in the cart would be dropped in favor of the grouped upsell products.

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