In this video, you’ll learn three ways to sell a main product and then offer another “bump” product prior to final checkout.

How To Offer An Order Bump Before Checkout Diagram

LaunchFlows makes it easy and fast to add an order bump, regardless of your page builder preference, because you can simply create the two products and then set them up to connect directly in any way you desire.

In the video you’ll see how to offer Order Bumps with:

  1. Main Product With Checkout And Bump Offer
  2. Main Product With Checkout, Bump Offer On Separate Page
  3. Daisy Chained Main Product To Bump Offer To Checkout To Thank You

You have the option to sell a main product and then an additional “bump” product. This allows you to bypass the buyer’s path to finalize the purchase. Now they’re able to check out the “bump” product right before checkout, which leads to a larger total sale for you and more convenience for the buyer.

In the past, order bumps required one to utilize a variety of complicated bolt-on services or components. Now with LaunchFlows and your existing WooCommerce products, it’s as simple as “piggy-backing” a new product on to the checkout process of the main product. Easy!

*Bonus Tip for designing the main and bump product sales pages is this: Be sure that all of the product information is on the page with a clear, simple layout, with litte or no other markup on the page to distract from the call to action option… “Add To Your Order.”