Ready To Use Sales Funnel Template Library

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  1. If you watch my videos on Youtube or in the LaunchFlows Facebook group at you will see that I’ve made the decision to commit to Gutenberg first for a new library of ready-made templates. These will, of course, work brilliantly for any page builder because Gutenberg content is displayed from the core of WP in a widget or theme for any compatible page builder.

    To start, I suggest you watch my video how to use the free Starter Templates, and right now you will have an almost unlimited number of blocks and templates from which to choose (I also suggest using the Editor Plus plugin for Gutenberg which is also free and has even more controls and blocks)

    But, to make it even better, later this week I should be announcing a new partnership for other custom-for-launchflows templates that are based on Gutenberg and will emulate many of the popular checkouts people have requested.

    Hang in there!

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