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It would be nice to customize checkout fields to be changed based on what products or categories that are in the cart. Example would be a customer selects products from X category and they require shipping or special delivery instructions. I have sites that the checkout is different for certain products and would be easier to collect that info at checkout then having them do it on every product they select, especially when they may have to do that more then once.

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  1. Hi Rob,
    yes…this is not only a great idea…it’s one you can already do today when using WPFusion (lite or paid) with LaunchFlows, or with a few other (free or paid) WooCommerce plugins.

    In essence, as you’ve suggested, the products in the cart dictate the visibility of either the Elementor components (shown by LF) or the core WC components themselves (via WC through the WC plugins method):

    1) Based on Product
    2) Based on Product Category or Tags (Taxonomy)
    3) Based on Tags/Fields/User Meta such as role
    4) Based on Price

    We’ve previously shown this for obvious ones like using a different gateway for different products (such Stripe v PayPal v COD per product)…but also how to do it where you show different products on a sales or checkout page based on previously acquired tags (such as if you are a paid member or not)

    In sum: Idea is awesome!! ..but won’t need any further help from LF directly to work… more like you just need the recipes and training how to do it and with what ingredients. And THAT is where LF membership will help, as such content is what we are brewing up moving forward, now that the tool has reached a point of refinement to support the same.

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