Why Use WPForms

Although it is recommended to use our Instant Registration method for onboarding most new users to your Sales Funnel, there may be some cases where the extra features of WPForms (or other Form plugins) can provide a benefit.

For example:

  • Adding Extra Fields During Registration
  • Automatically adding user-provided data from the URL string
  • Integrating with post-registration feeds such as WPFusion or your favorite CRM
  • Greater control over redirection after registration

How To Setup

Using the WPForms “Pro” plugin, one may create a User Registration Form by adding the User Registration feature from the “Add Ons” section of WPForms in your admin dashboard.

Full details for configuring the setup can be viewed here.

Specific Tips

When creating a user registration form, we recommend the following:

  • Remove all fields other than Email, First Name, Last Name
  • Add the Auto Login Snippet to ensure that users are not only registered, but immediately logged-in
  • Configure username as “none” so that it sets user’s email as username
  • Configure email notice of login credentials to be sent to user
  • Redirect after registration to the WooCommerce “My Account” page or to a custom sales page for instant upsell offer

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