When To Use Shortcodes

The best way to use LaunchFlows is by installing the free Elementor page builder plugin. This is true even if you are using another page builder or theme for your main design.

In some cases, however, you may want/need to use Shortcodes for your sales funnel components. Or you may want to embed other components inside of an Elementor tab or toggle widget.

*Note – some LaunchFlows functionality is only available by using an Elementor widget.

Library Of All Shortcodes

Below is a listing of all Shortcodes and the optional parameters for each:

Account Fields


Additional Fields


Always In Checkout (*only product is required)

[lf-always-in product="1234" icon="yes" title="yes" price="yes" shortdesc="yes"]

Billing Fields


Apply Tags With WPFusion (*separate tags with comma)

[lf-apply-tags tags="123,567” debug="false"]

Autoclick Checkout


Bump or Variable Product Display
(*only product is required.) Click here to view optional styles.

[lf-bump product="1234" icon="yes" title="yes" price="yes" style="p-round" shortdesc="yes"]

Checkout Button Display


Empty Cart Button Display


Notices Display For WooCommerce


Payment Fields


Remove Tags With WPFusion (*separate tags with comma)

[lf-remove-tags tags="123,567” debug="false"]

Review Order Fields


Save Stripe Credit Card Automatically


Save Square Credit Card Automatically


Shipping Fields


Thank You Fields


Coupon Fields


Upsell Product(*only product is required)

[lf-upsell product="1234" next="5678" accept="Yes, I Want It!" accept_tags="123,456" decline="No Thanks..." image="yes" title="yes" price="yes"]
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