Quick Start Guide


If you have not done so already, please install the following plugins:

  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor
  • LaunchFlows

LaunchFlows offers a few global options you can setup from the main tab in the Admin Menu Bar of WordPress.

We suggest that you setup your LaunchFlows options as shown below:

LaunchFlows makes it easy to create unlimited Sales Funnels with this just three steps:

Step One – Create A Product

Click on the “Products / Add New” link in your admin dashboard and choose “Simple Product”.

Step Two – Create A Checkout

You can create one global checkout template for all of your products or unique templates for each.

Create a new Page, Post, Product Or Lesson to hold your new checkout.

Choose either of the LaunchFlows templates from the Page Attributes meta box on any page or post.

LaunchFlows Canvas = No Header/Footer and “LaunchFlows Full Width” = With Header/Footer

This will produce a standard WooCommerce checkout layout.

If you prefer to customize your checkout layout, click the “Edit Elementor” button to design or use a new template.

LaunchFlows adds a library of new widgets to Elementor.

Each widget represents either a COMPONENT or custom FUNCTIONS that you can freely reposition or restyle.

At a minimum, you should drag the components to your new layout, repositioning and styling each as you wish.

Then click “Publish” to save your work.

Step Three РCreate A  Thank You

Create a new page with your choice of design.

You may drop the LaunchFlows “Thank You” widget into this layout to show last-order information and more.

In WooCommerce/Settings, choose at least one of your Thank You Pages as the default.

(Note: You may create a custom Thank You page for each product or just use one for all products).

If you use a custom Thank You page for a product, be sure to choose this from the product setup, inside the LaunchFlows tab as shown below.

Now test your new checkout by adding your product to the checkout with the LF-Direct Checkout Link.

In the sidebar of your product setup you will find a meta-box with the LF-Direct Checkout Link.

Add this link to any button or clickable element and your product will be sent to your checkout, ready to buy. Easy!