Quick Start Guide


If you have not done so already, please install the following plugins:

  • WooCommerce
  • Elementor
  • LaunchFlows

LaunchFlows offers a few global options you can setup from the main tab in the Admin Menu Bar of WordPress.

We suggest that you setup your LaunchFlows options as shown below:

LaunchFlows Setup

Optional WooCommerce Setup

Most businesses will want to prevent people from using the Guest Checkout capability of WooCommerce so that tracking and automation are available for every buyer.

This will ensure that every buyer is automatically registered and logged-in to your site upon completing their first free or paid transaction.

To accomplish this, go to the Admin dashboard under the WooCommerce/Settings/Accounts & Privacy tab and check the options as shown in the image below.


LaunchFlows makes it easy to create unlimited Sales Funnels with this just three steps:

Step One – Create A Product

Click on the “Products / Add New” link in your admin dashboard and choose “Simple Product”.

Step Two – Create A Checkout

You can create one global checkout template for all of your products or unique templates for each.

Create a new Page, Post, Product Or Lesson to hold your new checkout.

Click the “Add A Checkout To This Post” from the LaunchFlows Checkout Enable Metabox as shown below.

launchflows add checkout metabox
This will produce a standard WooCommerce checkout layout.

If you prefer to customize your checkout layout, click the “Edit Elementor” button to design or use a new template.

LaunchFlows adds a library of new widgets to Elementor.

Each widget represents either a COMPONENT or custom FUNCTIONS that you can freely reposition or restyle.

At a minimum, you should drag the components to your new layout, repositioning and styling each as you wish.

Then click “Publish” to save your work.

Step Three РCreate A  Thank You

Create a new page with your choice of design.

You may drop the LaunchFlows “Thank You” widget into this layout to show last-order information and more.

In WooCommerce/Settings, choose at least one of your Thank You Pages as the default.

(Note: You may create a custom Thank You page for each product or just use one for all products).

If you use a custom Thank You page for a product, be sure to choose this from the product setup using the “Select Post Checkout Page” dropdown.
Thank You Page
Now test your new checkout by adding your product to the checkout with the LF-Direct Checkout Link.

In the sidebar of your product setup you will find a meta-box with the LF-Direct Checkout Link.

Add this link to any button or clickable element and your product will be sent to your checkout, ready to buy. Easy!

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