How To Install LaunchFlows

LaunchFlows is a standard WordPress Plugin.

Currently all updates are available via the My Account page of the website.

To get the latest version of the plugin from that page, right click upon the Download Plugin button and “save file as” and be sure you have a .zip file on your local computer.

To make future updates simple, you may wish to install the free “Easy Theme & Plugin Upgrades” plugin from the WordPress repository.  This will make it possible to upload the latest copy of LaunchFlows without having to deactivate or delete the prior version.

Next, go to your WordPress site and click on “Plugins” tab and then select “Upload Plugin” from the top of the page.

Finally, click “Install Now” to complete the installation process.

When the installation is completed, you will see the LaunchFlows tab in your Admin Dashboard panel.

Next, click on that tab to setup the Global Options for LaunchFlows as shown in our Quick Start Guide.

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