In this video you’ll learn how to build a deal redemption page for WooCommerce using LaunchFlows, WPFusion, Fluent CRM and the free Gutenberg Patterns of LaunchFlows.

This provides a “turn key” solution for anyone who sells their products or services by way of redemptions codes, especially when you are using code “stacking” for upgrading from one tier to the next.

The solution was created for our own sale that is being done with one of the major deal sites.

We simply could not find any existing method of accomplishing all of the requirements with WooCommerce, unless we were willing to custom code an API solution.

With the method shown here, you can simply copy the free LaunchFlows pattern with one click and then configure your own site product and tags to control the visibility of each option in sequence, as shown.

If you are interested in more help, this process will likely be featured as a workshop at our other site, in the near future, or you can schedule a free consultation with Spence at to discuss whether a private consultation might work better to “get it done” quickly in just one hour!


Deal Site Pattern Demo