In this video, you will see how LaunchFlows works as part of a “team” of three other plugins to offer powerful sales funnel options for WooCommerce.

There are several WooCommerce plugins on the market that allow one to track a buyer’s journey through your sales funnel, with two primary methods.

Some plugins use an “all in one framework” model, where they build all the features and marketing automation capacity into their own plugin.

Others, such as LaunchFlows, WPFusion, Fluent CRM, provide a modular approach, where each plugin works together as part of a team, and offer you the flexiblity to mix and match to achieve your desired goal.

There is not a right or wrong choice, it’s just a matter of preference. The benefit of doing the modular approach as shown in this video, is that you are free to use the best in class features from various plugins, and leave out features that are not required or don’t meet your standards.

The overall cost of this method is frequently much lower for the benefits received, and you have the guarantee of future proof construction versus being locked-in to one plugin that does everything.

In this video I demonstrate the FREE version of FluentCRM and the paid version of WPFusion along with LaunchFlows.

One could also use the free version of WPFusion with a few modifications to the sales method used.

A single year of unlimited LaunchFlows costs just $50 versus the all in one plugin cost range from $199 to $239 (for 30 sites).

Have a look at this example of how to offer any number of products in a particular category (shirts) and then track when a user has purchased one.

Sales Funnel Diagram

If they do purchase a shirt, only then are they offered a special discount of 50% on a hoodie.

Should they purchase a hoodie, the setup knows this and no longer offers them the hoodie offer for future visits.

Along the way we can track what a buyer has viewed, purchased, and even if they’ve used the discount before.