Does LaunchFlows Work With Divi? Yes, it works quite well, and has the advantage of allowing you to “mix and match” between using Divi Theme and custom templates for your overall site, while optionally using Gutenberg Blocks and Patterns from our LaunchFlows pattern library for “one click” simplicity. Resources Divi Basics Post & Video ElegantThemes

Elementor Style Or Hide

If you prefer to customize your checkout layout, click the “Edit Elementor” button to design or use a new template. LaunchFlows adds a library of new widgets to Elementor. Each widget represents either a COMPONENT or custom FUNCTIONS that you can freely reposition or restyle. At a minimum, you should drag the components┬áto your new…


Tips LaunchFlows works great with this theme, but when you are customizing a product page, you may need to add this snippet of CSS to your child theme or Customizer/Custom CSS Box to prevent the theme from hiding the product display area. .theme-generatepress .product { display: block; } theme-generatepress .inside-article { overflow: hidden; }

Oxygen Builder

How To Setup LaunchFlows has a native integration with Oxygen Builder that allows you to output the custom checkout layout of your choice from WP Gutenberg to a Code Block in Oxygen. We recommend this instead of using individual LaunchFlows checkout components directly in Oxygen because it preseves the individual checkout component styling. Step One…

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder

How To Use WPBakery Page Builder works easily with LaunchFlows shortcodes or by integrating a Gutenberg editor block into a layout. You may optionally use the ShortCode Mapper to map all LaunchFlows shortcodes to individual WPBakery elements, but as you’ll see in the video, you’re just recreating what already exists. However, as you can see…