Target Triggers (lf-target)


These make it easy to trigger any tab or accordion widget in Elementor with a button or clickable element. Simply add “lf-target(1-5)” to the advanced/CSS ID of the clickable element’s widget and then add the unique #id of the target tab or accordion as the CSS ID of the clickable element link.

Use Case:

This is most beneficial when used with an Elementor Button if you want it to move you from step one to step two, etc., in addition to the standard tab/toggle navigation.
For example, on step one of a checkout, you can have an additional button called “Continue” at the bottom of the step one tabbed content area as a cue for buyer to move forward.


Identify Unique #Id Of Target Tab#1

Setup Button To Address Unique #Id Of Target Tab#1

Setup Advanced Tab CSS ID To Use One Of The Five (5) Available “Targets” Per Layout (lf-target1, lf-target2, lf-target3, lf-target4, lf-target5)