How To Return To Checkout

What Is Return To Checkout?

After a buyer adds or removes a product from a custom checkout, this component will return them to the same scroll position(desktop)or top of the checkout section(mobile).

What It Does

This enables the buyer to immediately continue with the checkout after making modifications.

Setup With Elementor

  1. Highlight the section containing your checkout components
  2. In the “Advanced” tab, add the CSS ID of “checkout
  3. Drag the Return Checkout widget to the bottom of your layout
  4. Click “Update” to save your work

Setup With Classic or Gutenberg

  1. Add a division or block with the CSS ID of “checkout” to the top of the checkout page layout.
  2. <div id="checkout"></div>

    Or with Gutenberg, add an HTML block and add the same code.

  3. Add the following shortcode to the Classic or Gutenberg Editor
  4. [lf-return-checkout]
  5. Click “Update” to save your work

What To Expect

On Desktop, Return To Checkout will return the browser scroll position to where it was before reloading, on Mobile, it will return to the position of the #checkout ID.

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