CartFlows Prefill WooCommerce Checkout Fields From URL

This Plugin Provides A Convenient Way To Prefill Any WooCommerce Checkout Form From A Custom URL

How To Use This Plugin:

This plugin provides a convenient way to pre-fill any WooCommerce checkout form, either natively or in CartFlows, from a custom url that you generate using your favorite form builder. 

Use it for any prospective buyer who is NOT otherwise registered and logged-in. If someone is logged-in, then WooCommerce will safely fall back to the default behavior of filling all checkout fields with the information contained in the customer profile.

The field values it passes from the url are:
a) Email
b) First Name
c) Last Name

The parameters should be added to your url string as follows:

a) email=
b) fname=
c) lname=

Example use:

To pre-fill a WC checkout with Bob Smith with an email of, one would use the following url:

The string you would create is this part, preface the first parameter with “?” and any others with “&”

You do not need to use all of the parameters, so for example you could use: ?email=Bob& or ?fname=”Bob” and it will work just fine.

The plugin used in this LaunchFlow is available for free as part of your LaunchFlows membership.