Add lf-remove-product to the Upsell shortcode

It could be really useful to have the option to remove a product using the Upsell shortcode by adding the new string. The shortcode would look like this: lf-upsell product=”1234″ next=”5678″ accept=”Yes, I Want It!” decline=”No Thanks…” image=”yes” title=”yes” price=”yes” remove-product=”4321″ This product removal would be applied only if they accept the offer. Thanks.

Product > move “LF – Direct Checkout Link”-field to the “LaunchFlows”-Tab

Perhaps it would be good to have all the LaunchFlows stuff in one place within the product page (admin). So e.g. all under the “LaunchFlows” tab? ** SPENCE NOTE: I’m actually thinking of going the other direction…perhaps getting rid of almost all of the global options in the LaunchFlows tab so that anything one wants…