Add visibility parameters to all order details items so they can be controlled via shortcode

Similar to the controls in the old Elementor widgets, I would like to hide/show different items of the checkout details via shortcode parameters in the lf-payment component, or otherwise be able to move the items around into different order by breaking these out into separate component shortcodes

Add lf-remove-product to the Upsell shortcode

It could be really useful to have the option to remove a product using the Upsell shortcode by adding the new string. The shortcode would look like this: lf-upsell product=”1234″ next=”5678″ accept=”Yes, I Want It!” decline=”No Thanks…” image=”yes” title=”yes” price=”yes” remove-product=”4321″ This product removal would be applied only if they accept the offer. Thanks.


There is a shortcode and I am pretty sure there use to be a short code “[lf-product-sale-price]” and “[lf-product-regular-price]”, but the last two don´t seem to work / exist anymore. Is there a reason for that? Please add these shortcodes again and the Gutenberg LF Blocks for it. ps. FYI: the is not listed in…

Dynamic Offers

LaunchFlows will be integrating with WooCommerce Conditional Content to provide a powerful yet simple way to offer unlimited automatic sales funnels, without the need to setup individual products!