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I think it would be great if there was an option to let the LF shortcodes use the Woocommerce settings for the Thousand & Decimal separator.

Now when using a shortcode like:
– [lf-product-sale-price]
– [lf-product-regular-price]

it results in : $1000

With the option to use the Woocommerce settings it could look something like $1,000,00

ps. if I overlooked something… sorry 🙂


  1. Hi Kasper,
    I’m not sure I understand the request.
    The LF shortcode (or Elementor widget) does not change the format of any WC number output. It literally just “moves” it with jQuery….
    So please do consider using a filter or function or plugin for WC if you wish to change that format, such as these:

  2. Hi Spence!

    I noticed some part of my previous comment is not shown, probably because it were shortcodes:)

    No, what I mean is:
    – You can handle the Thousand & Decimal separator for Woocommerce within the Woocommerce Settings. This works perfectly.
    So if I (in Europe) want to have the amount to be like $1.000,00 instead of you use in the US $1,000.00, that all works fine using the “normal” Woocommerce shop.

    However when I use LF shortcodes for Sales Price, Regular Price etc. the amount shown on the website has no Thousand & Decimal separator at all.
    The amount is shown as $1000

    You see what I mean?

  3. Hi Spence,

    Yes, I can send you an example of this in action.

    You can however easily re-create it by just inserting the LF short code for Sales Price, Regular Price, etc. and you´ll see NO Thousand & Decimal separator is used for those prices.

    So, it doesn´t matter what the exact settings in WooCommerce are for Thousand & Decimal separator… (US, EU, etc), it is not used at all in the prices shown by the LF short codes (for Sales Price, Regular Price, etc).

    If you rather have me send you an example let me know! (perhaps you can let me know on FB 😉 )

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