Solo for Grouped products

4 years agocompleted2

So lets say you want to have an upsell. But the upsell consists out of multiple products. This grouped upsell product should than only live alone in the checkout/cart. So everything in the cart would be dropped in favor of the grouped upsell products.


  1. I tried to make this happen, but WC won’t allow it. Therefore the rule is this:
    Solo Checkout functionality only applies to the products INSIDE a grouped product…because WC does not treat a grouped product as a real “product”…instead it’s more like a shopping bag… holding the “products” inside. Each of those control their behavior.

    As a result, solo checkout cannot (should not) be used with a group checkout…because the last solo product in the array would kick out all it’s siblings.

    I suggest instead you consider the product bundle plugin for WC or make a variable product that has all the individual “products” as variables…because with a variable product you CAN work it out to offer a custom string of each variation and quantity … all in one link (as a solo checkout)

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