Shortcode for discount – [lf-total-discount]

4 years agocompleted5

Have a shortcode for the total discount.


  1. Not sure if I explained myself well enough ;). What I mean is to have a short code for the total discount in the cart. So, not discount amount from one coupon…

    Let´s say you have the following products someone likes to purchase:
    – Product A
    – – normal price: €100
    – – sale price: €75

    – Product B
    – – normal price: €200
    – – sale price: €150

    The total discount price on the checkout page should be €25+€50=€75.

    Hope this makes it clear 😉

  2. Hey Spence,

    As it seems the shortcode for [lf-total-discount] does not exist anymore?

    Also the following shortcodes don´t exist /work anymore:
    – [lf-product-regular-price]
    – [lf-product-sale-price]
    – [lf-total-tax]

    Is there a reason for “killing” those shortcodes?


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