Shortcode for Direct Checkout link

4 years agocompleted2

Not sure if already can be done, but It will be nice to have a shortcode for the Direct Checkout link so that it can be added to an existing page.


  1. Hi Debo,
    I think it would help for me to explain a bit further. The direct checkout link is a plain url you can use natively anywhere a shortcode could be used…such as in a text or html editor (classic or gutenberg), a widget, a button, or even in Facebook or Instagram. As such, you can already do more with that than a shortcode (which only works inside of WP).

    Just copy your LF – Direct Checkout Link for any product you’ve created and use that link anywhere you want to “throw” the product to the particular checkout page you’ve assigned in the LaunchFlows settings 😉

    Ta da!

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