Product > move “LF – Direct Checkout Link”-field to the “LaunchFlows”-Tab

4 years agodeclined1

Perhaps it would be good to have all the LaunchFlows stuff in one place within the product page (admin). So e.g. all under the “LaunchFlows” tab?

** SPENCE NOTE: I’m actually thinking of going the other direction…perhaps getting rid of almost all of the global options in the LaunchFlows tab so that anything one wants to do can be one via the Product or Page post type entries.

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  1. Having tried it both ways, I’ve decided to stick to having the sidebar metabox for the LF-Direct Checkout Link instead of it being in the “LaunchFlows” tab under product details. Main reason is that WC will always close up the product details tab focus every time you save your preferences…requiring one to have to click three times to get to the link instead of just once where it is now.

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