Multiple LF Review Short Codes

4 years agocompleted1

It would be awesome to have the option to put the LF-Review box twice on a page.

Now, only the first one will load and show up. The second LF-Review short code is empty.

You have a 2 column page design.
The left column is long, and you would like to show the review half way and at the end.

I know there´s the option to have the review box in the right column and than have it stick when scrolling.
But sometimes you need that space for something else or don´t want the sticky-thing on your page ;).

Thanks 🙂

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  1. Unfortunately that’s not possible…because the LF Review is a modified version of the WC Cart.
    I didn’t think it was a good idea to have multiple instances of the LF-Review, because they would need to be serialized…and honestly there isn’t much need

    Instead, I have worked out a way for you to do something similar, but the results are often “strange”…but it can work.

    Use the LF-Review AND the regular woocommerce_cart shortcode in one layout, but use CSS to hide some of the buttons and items on the WC cart that would otherwise be confusing (ie: the Cart Totals box and the “go to checkout” button, etc.)

    A better solution is to have an “intermediary” review step where you use the WC Cart or the LF-Review and after the information has been approved, only THEN go to the final step of checkout.

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