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When using Elementor (Pro) you have the option to add LaunchFlows short codes like eg. [lf-product-regular-price] or [lf-product-sale-price].

When I want to give the [lf-product-regular-price] a green font-color and the [lf-product-sale-price] a bold underlined font-size 40px red color, this is not possible within the LaunchFlows short code.

You would have to type the LaunchFlows shortcode manually in a text field to achieve that.
However the color option and the font-type option work in this case, but the font-size doesn´t take effect!

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  1. Actually you CAN style everything!

    1) You may not have realized it, but you can just copy the syntax of any shortcode and use it in ANY widget, either dynamically or directly.

    This means you can use the shortcode to output the contents:
    a) Into any text field or editor
    b) Into any URL (link) box of any widget (if it’s for example a url type output)
    c) Into any tabbed or dynamic widget

    As a result, when you do this, you can use the default color AND all the other styling (including font size)

    My favorite is just to use the title text widget for anything…as it gives you an easy way to set the font, regardless of how much text spits out (like the lf-review widget)

    Finally, you can also use CSS as I’ve made sure to wrap almost everything with classes, ids or smart wrappers so anything can be specifically addressed with a specific rule 😉

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