Ability To Create Account

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Ability to create an account at sign up process that would work with WooCommerce Subscriptions by asking for the Username and Password the customer would like to use.

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  1. Hi Rob,
    I’m not sure I understand the question, so let me clarify:

    Right now you can already do this, without any trouble at all…just go into WooCommerce/Settings/Accounts&Privacy and uncheck the options that create the automatic username and password…and this allows person to be asked for that information as part of the checkout process.

    However, be advised that…in doing so you are probably creating more potential problems and friction in your Sales Funnel…since people often get hung-up on either analysis paralysis…or the strength requirement of the password that is built-into WC by default.

    Instead, by auto-creating username and password, you know 100% they are in immediately and the username is ALWAYS their email used for checkout… and password can be reset at anytime with the “forgot password” link or in the my-account.

    So my question is: was that what you were suggesting or did I misunderstand?

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