A/B Testing

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Possibility to A/B test, to find out which flow works best.


  1. This one is a big YES, because there are at least 10 free or small cost A/B testing services or plugins for WP that work really well with LF.
    I’ll likely do a roundup on which ones are good choices to enable.

    1. We recommend that you use any of the free or paid A/B testing or conditional display tools. We’ve covered several of them in our blog and docs, such as “if-so” and “dynamic blocks”, but you could also try plugins such as https://wordpress.org/plugins/nelio-ab-testing/ or https://www.google.com/analytics/optimize/ or https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-page-tester/ or https://wordpress.org/plugins/ab-press-optimizer-lite/ etc.

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