Solo Subscription


*CAUTION: When added to on any checkout page, it allows a WooCommerce Subscription product to be purchased while simultaneously cancelling ALL EXISTING subscriptions.

This shortcode should ONLY BE USED if buyers on the site should only have ONE SUBSCRIPTION AT A TIME

Use Case:

Add the [lf-solo-sub] to any checkout page and if you wish, make it invisible by enabling the responsive layout features of your page builder widget to NOT show on any size browser.

When using the official WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin and you want to provide a convenient way for buyers to change subscriptions by purchasing a new offer.

This saves the trouble of having to manually cancel the old subscription.

Be advised, you will not be able to have a daily pro-ration or other complex automatic calculations that are otherwise provided when buyers use the manual method.

We suggest you simply make the new subscription product attractive enough in price that buyers will not be concerned with the remaining time credit for any monthly billing period.




Optionally Hide Shortcode In Page Builder (Elementor Shown):