Price Slider

[lf-price-slider]  or  [lf-price-slider product=1234]

Adds a price slider to change quantity from 1 to 10 for any solo checkout product. It may also be used with the attribute of “product=” by way of hand-typing the shortcode into an html widget or shortcode widget so that it will apply specifically to any product with the matching ID instead.

Use Case:

This is most useful when offering a “Name Your Price” offer for a consultative business or donation situation. You can set the base price of any solo checkout product and then place this panel near the [lf-review] shortcode so that the prospective buyer can “slide their quantity” in an elegant way.

The LaunchFlows shortcode version provides additional descriptive fields that can be suppressed or styled with .css classes. These are:

.lf-slidercontainer (the wrapper around entire slider)

.your-cost (the “Your Cost” text)

(the “$” or currency symbol used by WC)

(the total order cost shown by slider selection)

(the slider itself. There is also a complete range of custom styles in .css to modify)

( the details below slider)

(the price label)

(the price per product unit)

(the quantity being ordered)


Alternatively, when used without the attribute of “product=” it can be used on a custom checkout page to provide a way to add the product directly to the checkout, if it had not previously been there before. Because it adjusts the quantity from 1 to 10, set the price of the particular product such that it will multiply that price x 1 through 10 for the final cost. Eg: $20 will give a range of $20 to $200.

The shortcode also creates an “Add To Cart” button that can be modified by your page builder controls or .css, as well as have the text translated via standard WordPress .pot methods.

*Note – If used with the “product=1234” attribute, one must hand type the syntax directly into an html widget or shortcode widget instead of using the default drop down from the LaunchFlows shortcode widget.


LaunchFlows Shortcode Widget Layout (applies to solo checkout product only):

LaunchFlows Shortcode Widget Result (applies to solo checkout product only):

Hand typed with “product=” parameter Layout (applies to the specific product id only):

Hand typed with “product=” parameter Result (applies to the specific product id only):