Order Review


This shortcode provides a virtual shopping cart within your checkout. This conveniently allows a buyer to see or remove items that are ready to purchase.

The review elements are all adjustable for size, visibility and translation so you can easily customize the component further to suit your needs.

Use Case:

Simply use the LaunchFlows Elementor or TinyMCE widgets to add [lf-review] where you desire in your layout, including within other tabbed widget areas (for multi-step checkout)

This shortcode should be installed in most every checkout layout you create, unless you are only selling one product per checkout.

It works very well with the dynamic upsell & order bump shortcode to give buyers complete control over what they purchase without limiting you to a static sales funnel.

Should a buyer click any other LaunchFlows Direct Checkout Link for this checkout url, that product will be added to the order and be available to review.