Lead Cookie


Use on any page builder form to immediately capture and save a prospective buyer’s first name, last name, email, phone, zip.

This provides three main benefits:
1) Prospective buyer’s information is preserved for any abandoned cart follow-up
2) The personal information is redirected to the WooCommerce checkout fields so no retyping is required (free or paid checkout)
3) You can easily create gorgeous, remotely located forms with your page builder within a page or even a popup.

Use Case:

The [lf-lead-cookie] shortcode should be placed ONLY on the page where the information is first collected by way of a page builder or other form, not on other pages.

*Note – It is necessary for your form fields to have the following #id’s on the public side:

First Name Field: #form-field-fname
Last Name Field: #form-field-lname
Email: #form-field-email
Phone: #form-field-phone
Zip: #form-field-zip

If you are using Elementor, these field names are automatically created simply by using the last part (ie: “fname”). If you are using any other page builder, be sure to check that the final #id of any form field matches the syntax.