Instant Branding Product


Provides an easy way to automatically customize the checkout page branding for any products that are promoted by your affiliates.

Use Case:

Simply setup a product with zero cost that has the title, description, excerpt, featured image, or featured image gallery you may wish to use to promote an affiliate on a checkout page.

These components will all then be automatically displayed on any checkout where  you add the branding product as the first product offered in a string.


Branding Product ID = 1234
Real Product Being Sold ID = 7890

1) Get the LF – Checkout Link for Branding Product:

2) Add Real Product Being Sold ID to the end of that string, separated with a comma:,7890

3) Use this new “Instant Bundle” of the Branding Product and Real Product in any clickable element, to send the products to the checkout

4) The checkout will display the Real Product Being Sold with price info in the order review, but will hide the Branding Product from the order review

5) The Branding Product images and details will be displayed on your checkout where you use the particular LF Components of:

a) Product Title
b) Product Description
c) Product Excerpt
d) Product Image
e) Product Gallery