Hide Related Products


Used to hide the related products grid on WooCommerce Single Products Pages.

Use Case:

Most useful if you are planning to use WooCommerce single product pages as stand-alone landing pages for your products, especially if you don’t want or need custom layouts.

This helps eliminate any additional information that is not specifically related to this product.

If you add the shortcode to the single product page, or any layout that is displaying the single product page, it will hide the related products grid.

It is recommended that you also use this shortcode with the [lf-hide-wc-tabs] as well, to remove the rest of the extraneous display below the single product primary details.


Place the [lf-hide-related] (and [lf-hide-wc-tabs] ) shortcodes in any layout where a single product is being displayed, or natively on the standard checkout page below the woocommerce_checkout shortcode.

Single Product Page Before:

Single Product Page Setup:

Single Product Page After: