Donation / Name Your Price Form


The Donation / Name Your Price Form provides an easy way for the user to specify the exact amount they wish to pay for a donation or invoice.

Compare with using the Donation / Name Your Price URL method, where you can create links (buttons, clickable elements, redirects) for pre-defined amounts.

To refresh the amount after updating the form make sure to turn on the ‘Solo Checkout’ for the product.

Use Case:

This uses an Elementor Form (or comparable form from your page builder).

*Note – The Form Widget is now only available in Elementor Pro

Setup your donation form with the following:

lf-donate-button = Paste into the form button under ” Content / CSS ID”

lf-donate-id = Paste into the form itself under “Advanced / CSS ID”

donate = Create a field with type = “Number” and paste “donate” into Advanced / ID

Create a second field with type = “Hidden” and any label name you prefer

xxxxx = This is the WooCommerce product ID (eg: 32344) . Paste this to the second (hidden) field into  Advanced / default value

= Paste this to the second (hidden) field into Advanced / ID