Cash On Delivery Store That Collects User Name, Email, Phone & Order Info


A simple yet powerful way to offer any product for “cash on delivery” instead of a paid-up-front transaction.

– Ability To Collect First Name, Last Name, Email & Phone Number
– Popup Offer For Up Sell or Order Bump
– COD Specific Gateway For WooCommerce
– Custom Thank You With Dynamic User Info Display

Use Case:

This is designed for a popular sales model in Europe where customers reserve their products online, but come into the local shop to pay and pickup their merchandise.


Take note in the video of how you can accomplish the dual goal of collecting the info you need from the prospective buyer, while passing that … AND the product info, along to a gorgeous checkout confirmation page by way of an Elementor popup. This means the buyer won’t have to type the same info twice, and they can then be offered an upsell or order bump at the same time they confirm the order.